BioOregon Protein develops, manufactures, and markets a variety of novel, fish-based pet food ingredients. All of our products are derived from fresh cuttings of seafood harvested and processed for human consumption.


BioOregon Protein fish-based pet food ingredients are natural and sustainable. They include high protein low ash white fish meals, species specific fish meals, and best quality fish bone meals. All are available as free flowing dry meals with uniform size, consistent nutrient specifications, and a guarantee of Salmonella negative status.


BioOregon Protein believes its' fish-based pet food ingredients can help formulators and manufacturers improve quality and value in cat and dog foods. Our products support acheivement of critical nutritional objectives, provide greater formulation freedom, improve processing, and allow valuable specific labeling claims. We document all raw material utilized to ensure our finished products can be reliably traced and fully described.


Please review the following products to learn more about how BioOregon Protein can help you formulate novel pet foods.



• Fish Protien Concentrate 

Fish Bone Meal

 Dehydrated Shrimp Shell

Dehydrated Crab Shell

Fish Oil