About Us


    With our company fast approaching our 100th birthday, BioOregon Protein has long been a fixture in the Northern Oregon Coast. In business at our current location in Warrenton since 1946, our physical facility encompasses 10 acres adjacent to the Columbia River and comprises manufacturing, research, on-site maintenance, and warehousing. Since the earliest days of our existence, we have been involved in processing marine fish and shellfish by-products obtained from regional seafood processors. From extraction of vitamin A from salmon livers for human dietary supplements to assisting in the development and manufacture of the ‘Oregon Moist Pellet’ for aquaculture to production of high protein fish protein concentrate for pet food, BioOregon Protein has a significant breadth of experience. Our personnel have extensive technical capability and years of manufacturing experience in fish byproduct utilization, which has contributed to our market adaptability and product value.


    Since our parent company, Pacific Seafood Group, purchased us almost a decade ago, BioOregon Protein has only improved and refined our techniques. As with all Pacific Seafood facilities, our company has a rigorous quality assurance program that strives to always deliver the highest quality products available. We work closely with state and federal regulatory agencies to ensure that our quality program is the best it can be and remain ahead of the competition. Customers are also welcome to audit our facility to ensure that we meet your highest standards.


    Inherent in our mission is our commitment to sustainability and traceability. Our raw product comes to us directly from our parent company, which ensures traceability from the boat to final packaging. The fisheries that are targeted are certified as ‘sustainable’ by the Marine Stewardship Council and our processes provides commercial outlets for the whole fish. We have a variety of fertilizer products that qualify for an organic label as well, since our products are 100% natural.