Fish Oil

Fish Oil from BioOregon Protein is cooked in conjunction with our protein and separated . Our fish oil is a blended product containing oil from marine whitefish and bottomfish fisheries that are certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. It is a crude oil that retains a complete profile of all naturally-occurring fatty acids in these fisheries, including good sources of omega-3 fatty acids critical for the health of mammals, including companion animals. As with all of our products, fish oil is a product of the United States of America and is traceable with documentation showing source and disposition of all material utilized in manufacturing.



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Nutrient Highlights


Crude Fat (min)                  98.5%
Moisture/Impurities (max)   1.5%
Free Fatty Acids (max)       4.5%
Peroxide Value (typical)     1.5 mEq/kg
Iodine Value (typical)         115-160
Vitamin A (typical)              900,000 IU/kg